Published on March 26th, 2012 | by Jack Goff

Launching Stalefish and Dum dums

Eric Rienstra aka The Predator @ Nitro City.

Being hired to write “articles” for Bootike has been a dream job. Until now.  It has been pretty easy and straight forward with a couple of rules. Don’t bash the Videos/Photos and summarize our experiences (a bunch of ideas that make no sense that normally comes in form of word document or half assed written email) in a paragraph.

At first I didn’t really know what to write about this clip, except… WTF did the editor take? Extreme Sports Videos are suppose to be fast, with heavy rock or dub step music raging in the background. BAM! BING! BOOM!. Backflips, Hard Snap, Awesome Barrels. But this? This was just slow and had an awkward middle section I did not understand. STRAWBERRIES?!?!?

I decided to email the editor.

“WTF is this?”

“Smoke a lot of weed until you almost pass out, or drop a tab.” he replied.

I saw the video one more time and hated it.

Then I got High.

Fucking Beautiful. The Water. The Colors. THE SOUND. I was suddenly converted into a fan. How did I not see this before? Its like that time I needed beer googles to be able to fuck that ugly chick waving at me across the bar. BEST FUCK EVER.

As I write this article today, fully sober, I can’t say if this is a good video or a video so bad you need drugs to trip it.

But I can tell you this. It is one hell of an experience while you’re high. Oh yeah, I finally got what Launching Stalefish and Dum dums mean.

eric rienstra invert wave

eric rienstra off the kicker

eric rienstra nitro city pool

eric rienstra laura tonazzo pool jet ski

eric rienstra splashing laura tonazzo


eric rienstra and laura tonazzo

Gurnir Singh

Gurnir Singh



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