Published on October 1st, 2012 | by Jack Goff

Glass Liquid AfterMovie

Thank you. 
Seriously, thank you for coming on a non payday Thursday.
We were broke as fuck, we assume we weren’t the only ones.
We started off rough, went through the insanity that is organization, artists not being able to make it, and even had a huge last minute sponsor drop out.
But even after all that shit, the Glass Liquid party was a success.
All thanks to the people that showed up.
Oh yeah and the sponsors:
Redbull, Nitro City, Pull-in Panama, Left of Dial, and Habana Panama.
So before you click play, just remember:
Too much work + Too much booze = One fucked up camera man.
Enjoy the Bootike Glass Liquid AfterMovie.

Glass Liquid AfterMovieGlass Liquid AfterMovieGlass Liquid AfterMovieGlass Liquid AfterMovie

Ruben Villegas 

Carlos Gomez


Sebastian Goldberg – Spread Love (Tom Novy Terrace Mix)
Buy the Track.


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